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PTC CEO Jim Heppelmann über die 3. Industrielle Revolution auf der Planet PTC Live 2012 in Orlando

Tom Lansford war für CADplace in Orlando und berichtet hier über die neuesten Trends und Strategien auf der PTC Live 2012. What does Eli Whitney have to do with your business today? The answer lies in what you do, not only how you do it. Optimizing operations is just enough to get you in the game, but not enough to guarantee success. The best products and the best services will continue to win in the market and companies need to think strategically about how the they create breakthrough products and services.

Eli Whitney did not just create the Cotton Engine – better known as the Cotton Gin, but he created an innovation in production that revolutionized manufacturing – standardized parts and assembly. 100 years later, Henry Ford built the moving assembly line and revolutionized manufacturing again. Now manufacturing has become digitized and the next revolution is underway.

And the digitization of manufacturing opens the door to creating new, break-through products and services. Companies need new tools to manage the complexity of their businesses in order to make better decisions – strategic decisions on what to do, not just how to do it. And the more these decisions are based on the realities of the business itself, the more impact and value they will have for the company. This is why Jim Heppelmann sees PTC providing the tools to manage the complexity of strategic decision making and optimizing the ability to develop strategically, thereby helping PTC customers meet the challenges inherent in creating break-through products and services.

The video below is the unedited keynote presentation at Planet PTC Live as filmed by CADplace If your business needs good strategies, then invest 25 minutes in this talk from PTC's CEO - it will be worth your time!