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Wacom präsentiert das neue Cintiq 24HD auf der Imagina

Thomas Roussel von Pixologic benutzt für seine Designsoftware jeden Tag ein Tablet. Auf der Imagina in Monaco gab uns Thomas für CADplace eine Demo des neuesten high-definition Cintiq tablet from Wacom. Tom Lansford war für CADplace auf der Imagina und stellt uns das Tablett vor.. 

"Cintiq 24HD gives you a lot of space, sensitivity & accuracy for working with your 2D & 3D software"


In the video below, Thomas Roussel from Pixologic and expert on Z-Brush touches on all the reasons that a Cintiq 24HD is a “no-brainer” and show you how your own productivity will get a boost from the latest Wacom Cintiq tablet.



Cintiq 24HD Specifications

Here are the short list of specifications that impressed me immediately :

  • screen resolution : 1920x1200
  • screen dimensions : 24.1" / 61 cm
  • tablet resolution : 0.005 mm / point (5080 lines / inch)
  • pen pressure levels : 2048
  • pen pressure activated with less than 1 gram
  • weight with stand : 29 kg

And the full list of specifications can be found here.

In summary, if you are a designer and need a high-definition drawing tablet, then you need a Cintiq 24HD. Thomas points out that just a 10% gain in productivity gives you 1 day of work every 2 weeks. After watching his presentation, I think his 10% productivity gain is a conservative estimate !

For every designer, design engineer, or architect working on designs and drawings most of the day will, in my opinion, get a priceless productivity boost from the Cintiq 24HD.

The Wacom Cintiq 24HD is a 'No-Brainer'


Thomas Roussel demonstrates the Wacom Cintiq 24HD for CADplace


The Cintiq 24HD provides a high-resolution working surface


The Cintiq 24HD adjusts for your comfort like a traditional drawing board


Fast-access buttons for tablet settings, the on-screen keyboard, and Cintiq information


Adapt the Cintiq 24HD based on your applications and stylus


Use the Cintiq like a drawing board, hide your keyboard, and use the on-screen keyboard


Change the impact of your brushes with a simple change in pressure - the Cintiq is extremely sensitive


Easy to use and programmable controls on both sides of the tablet increase productivity


Cintiq 24HD Homepage


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