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Autodesk Revit "Timber Roof Framing" (Dachbalken Konstruktion) steht als Erweiterung allen Subscription-Kunden zum kostenlosen Download zur Verfügung

Dieses Tool erlaubt eine automatische Erzeugung von Dachbalken zur Konstruktion von Dachstühlen und steht allen Subscription Kunden kostenlos zur Verfügung.

The Village BIM French blog makes it clear that Revit customers have waited some time for a tool like this.

These extensions allow Revit users to create complex structures. The Rafter Framing option manages the definition and generation of different roof framing within the context of the building.

Another option generates the assemblies and considers the system constraints. The structural elements created are native Revit roof-objects. The roof structures can then be exported and analyzed using Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis.

The Structure Generator for Autodesk Revit helps with the creation of model variations and the structural verification. This functionality enhances the coordination between architect and engineer and reduces the number of revision cycles during the different project phases.

The extensions are available immediately as a free download for subscription customers.