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Mit Autodesk Simulation 360 wird professionelle Simulation für Millionen von Desktop Users in der CLOUD verfügbar

Ist Simulation 360 eine Simulationeslösung für die Masse, wie AutoCAD oder AutoSketch? Am 11. September wurde die neue 360 Cloud-Platform gelauncht und CADplace glaubt, dass dieses Produkt das Potential hat für Millionen von Designern und Engenieuren. Tom Lansford hat sich das Produkt mal näher angeschaut. (engl.) 

Let's go straight to the bottom line. Simulation 360 includes two segments now and this will grow. At launch Autodesk offers Simulation CFD 360 and Simulation Mechanical 360 as the two pioneering, cloud-based simulation applications.


The costs for the products is appealing for many professionals. Autodesk proposes three plans starting at 3950€ for 120 simulations / year, 7925€ for unlimited simulations / year, and 18,000€ for a bundle of local (client) software and unlimited cloud-based simulations.



Autodesk presents the pricing and packages for Simulation 360
Autodesk Simulation 360 : 120 simulations
Autodesk Simulation 360 : Unlimited
Autodesk Simulation 360 : Bundle
120 SimulationsUnlimited number of simulations120 Simulations in the Cloud, unlimited Simulations locally
3950€ / year7925€ / year18,000€ / year
Cloud versionCloud versionCloud version, local version



While we let the pricing sink in, let's talk about how a comprehensive cloud-based simulation strategy is going to change your business. While the cloud is not the right solution for everything, the cloud does two things very well – it provides access to infinite computing resources and enables wide-collaboration. Simulation 360 is clearly targeting the former and simulation problems are extremely well suited for a cloud-based solution.


At CADplace we think you will agree that the potential is obvious. If you are already a heavy user of simulation software then you can appreciate the costs of the software and hardware you need to process your simulation jobs. When it comes to servers in the data center or powerful workstations plus the simulation software licensing, maintenance, service, and upgrades, then the sky is the limit. Autodesk Simulation 360 can meet your high demands for simulations at a predictable, affordable cost.


If you are already a periodic user of simulation, then the 4,000€ solution can save you the costs of a specialized workstation and the cost for the software licenses. You will need about 30 seconds to calculate the minimum savings accrued just from this factor alone.


And of course if you aren't using simulation packages now, but you could be, then Simulation 360 could just be the right reason to test the benefits of simulation by using the cloud rather than dealing with the costs and complexity of establishing simulation capabilities inside your company.