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DraftSight: professionale 2D CAD Software von Dassault Systèmes

Die "Macher" von CATIA & SolidWorks haben DraftSight für 2D CAD entwickelt das zB. auch AutoCAD DWG Dateien editieren kann. Das tolle daran ist - es ist kostenlos und für jeden einsetzbar und bietet sogar Telefon & email Support. Ein kostenpflichtiges Premium Pack erlaubt sogar Mehrplatz-Installatioen. Ein Artikel von Tom Lansford (engl.)

DraftSight is a professional 2D CAD program. It supports multiple drawing formats including AutoCAD DWG files. You can find the download links here on CADplace and begin testing and evaluating this product immediately. 
For a closer look before downloading, or to kick-start your work after installation, Dassault Systèmes provides this extensive getting started guide. Over 170 pages of information gives users everything necessary to work productively with DraftSight. You can download the guide and read it here.
While the software is free as individual licenses, it can be worth the investment to purchase a premium package. This allows for network installations and provides access to the DraftSight APIs - Application Programming Interfaces - for automation & customization.  Perhaps more important, the premium package provides both email and telephone support options for your company.
You can get a trial version of the premium pack as well. The premium pack requires a minimum of 5 licenses.
More information on the product is available such as the DraftSight Master Series Flipbook.